3 Most Common Sports Injuries and Their Prevention

20 Sep 2017 11:57

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Whether it an individual sport or a team game, athletic pursuits are a daily part of most of the people’s life. When injuries happen, at times it becomes difficult to know what you have tweaked or how you can treat the same. It is truly said that while the advantages of any physical activity cannot be overstated, sports injuries are one aspect that everyone athletes should look out for.

Well, there are hundreds of sports injuries but there are certain parts of the body that are prone to damage as compared to other parts of the body. This post will offer a brief overview of 3 most common sports injuries and it deals with the prevention of the injuries.


1. Tennis Elbow

The Injury:
Tennis elbow is one of the most common types of sports injuries and is a tendon irritation that is mainly caused because of the repetitive use of the elbow joint. This type of injury is very common with the athletes engaged in playing golf as well as tennis because the repetitive use of elbow motions are very common in these sports. It can affect both inside and outside of the elbow of the athlete.

The best way to get rid of any sports injury is to practice safe game and follow the guidelines. In this case, increasing the strength of the forearm and arm can help in reducing the pressure on the joint. Apart from that, one can also improve the serving swing techniques and can make use of the elbow pad or brace.

2. Muscle Pulls

This is one such injury that is very common among the athletes both professionals and amateurs. The worst part is that it can happen in any part of the muscle group but the level of injuries varies from sports to sports. For example, calf pulls are common with the ones that play tennis as well as weightlifters. But on the other hand, hamstring pulls are common with ones involved in playing soccer, basketball, sprint runners, etc.

Athletes should do proper stretching before both before and after participating in the game, commonly known as warm-up sessions. Apart from that one should not do over exercise, should remain in the limit, take enough food and proper sleep. Dr Mark Wootherpsoon in this context has become very helpful as he has got great expertise in dealing with such injuries.

3. Ankle Sprains

These injuries are associated with the games that focus on sudden and quick moments like basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. In case of sudden bent or twist, the ankle has encounter tendon and ligament damage and tears. it can also result in broken bones in many cases.

These sports injuries are tough to prevent because they occur suddenly. The best way to eliminate the possibilities is to take part in special workout sessions, wearing the suitable gear and equipment and most importantly follow the instructions given by the sports medicine doctor.

Sports injuries are an integral part of all the athletes but the possibilities of its occurrence can be eliminated by having proper knowledge about the game. If needed one should not hesitate from taking help from the doctors like Dr Mark Wootherpsoon.

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